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lestarks said: Hello, Anne. Teach me how photoshop, Anne. LOL


to all my followers

step 1 : find a subject (tv show, movie, character …)
step 2 : find a color or mix-color (monochrome colors) you want to play with
step 3 : draw on a paper or in your mind the layout.
step 4 : open photoshop! (i’m so funny isn’t it?)
step 5 : you have to be self-confidence! yes it’s important!
step 6 : you have to find the right picture!  really! without a quality picture you can’t make a “quality” graphic so what is it a quality picture? In my opinion it’s a picture that reveals some emotions (don’t forget all graphics are a purpose) Ok for example my last got graphic was a picspam so i just wanted to share some caps i really liked on this episode. Or my elena as a vampire graphic i made a manip with a lot of blood but it was only 50% of the work i also wanted to share so mystery with my nature textures. I wanted to show elena’s feelings :) so i choosed this pic because we saw the hands of salvatore’s brothers. It showed her difficult choice :)
step 7 : why i say that? idk now lol i’m crazy ok i’m sorry!

Just i want to share with all of us ONE thing! everyone can open photoshop and try to make something just feel it with your heart!!! You have to understand that when i share something with you i like it more and less but in the deep of me i like it, i don’t care about notes. Don’t care about notes! you want to laugh with me? ok. I realize that my graphics that are more notes are not my fav! yes! So i repeat don’t care about notes! Just share with your followers something you like!!

Thank you for you comment! i answered anything lool

PS : Yes of course don’t forget to add textures (not too much), psd (just balance colors or more) and a little text with the right font! omg the font is really important!)

PS2: I know it’s not a real question but i want to answer it! lol it keep me busy!

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